Sunday, April 10, 2016

Favorite TED talks

First a few thoughts on Distance Education:

I have had the pleasure of having educators from 6 different countries visit my classroom. They were interested in MOOCs and creativity. It was a smashing success! Her er lenke som beskriver litt av hva jeg viste FUN (Fleksibel Utdanning) folka:

I was fortunate enough to start my Master of Science degree online back in the 90's, and have been a huge fan of Khan Academy and Flipped Classrooms for years. I am currently taking NTNU's #smartlæring class via EdX and hence, needed to create another web page (perhaps I'll keep this one for a while). I like the idea that this web page is a blogg since I can pretty much just rattle on about whatever strikes my fancy (just kidding, sort of). Seriously, though. If you are not a fan of TED talks yet, be warned. They are almost as conducive to chilling and binge watching as Netflix ;) Here's a sampling:

Almost everyone has seen Sir Ken Robinsons talk about educational creativity and Brene' Browns fabulous talk about vulnerability, so I wasn't even going to mention those. There are thousands of other presentations by leaders in their fields. These world experts share their perspectives, book recommentations and so much more. The most popular TED talks are entertaining and brain stretching. Search "education" or "learning" and prepare to be blown away. Or, any other topic you find fascinating: relaxation techniques, improving your memory, or how to control someone else's arm with your brain

Go ahead, I dare you to go down the rabbit hole: TED talks and, don't say I didn't warn you!

If you found a favorite or have a comment or question, drop me a line: