Sunday, April 10, 2016

Things that can't be googled

In addition to my fascination with ways to use technology in education I have a number of side projects. One of the things I have been attempting to collect for some time are good answers to the following questions: 

  • Can you think of something that cannot be googled?
  • What are some educationally relevant things you can ask Siri?
  • I am also curious about others' favorite Ted Talks/inspiring links, authors, apps, tech tips and best lesson plans.
  • Flipped classroom links and other ways to make the classroom more engaging and interactive.
  • How to stay organized and maintain balance. 
Time constraints will determine how much of this will be in English vs Norwegian. Since more people read English, I thought I'd start with that. 

Coming up soon: Who the heck am I? Answers and thoughts on some of the above points. Am particularly excited to share what I've learned as a result of other "tankegods leverandører." This is one of those phrases that doesn't translate well, but roughly means the following to me: people who've inspired me to think differently - inspirational speakers/philosphers/entities and so much more...

If you have questions or comments - feel free to drop me a line below or check out: 
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(I'm really not all that interesting... yet ;)